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Stefna um opið aðgengi

Framkvæmdastjórinn hefur samþykkt tilskipun um opið aðgengi, sem mun gilda um allt útgefið efni sem fjármagnað er og gefið út af Norrænu ráðherranefndinni. Frumtextinn er á ensku.

1.1     Preamble

The Nordic Council of Ministers (NCM) is a publically funded co-operation between the governments of the Nordic countries ( Therefore all written publications published or funded by the NCM should be made publically accessible – open access – to the benefit of the Nordic and wider international community. Open Access entails that publications are available in electronic form on the Internet, free of charge to users and with minimal restrictions on use.

The type of copyright licensing that encourages distribution, use, and reuse of NCM publications is strongly recommended. Such licenses should, however, always be used under the condition that the original publication is referred to. An appropriate license to meet this end is the Creative Commons attribution license (CC-BY). 

As an initial step, the NCM is introducing an Open Access mandate which applies to all written publications published by the NCM from 1 June 2014 onwards. The mandate and its effectiveness will be evaluated annually by the NCM.

In a second step, planned to be initiated during 2014, the Open Access mandate will be further developed and made applicable also to all written publications funded or co-funded by NCM grants or under NCM contracts.

1.2     Mandate

All written publications published by the NCM must upon publication be made available Open Access in electronic format (immediate Open Access). This means that all such publications must be deposited, in full-text form with the requested descriptive information (metadata), to the NCM repository. The NCM repository ( is managed and maintained by the Uppsala University Library (UUL). The mandatory metadata is stated in the repository guidelines at The completeness and quality of the entries in the repository is guaranteed by the delivering NCM entity. It is highly recommended that publications fulfil accessibility criteria for people with visual impairment or reading disabilities.

It is recommended that all written publications published by the NCM are published with a Creative Commons license, preferably CC-BY or CC-BY SA. For definitions please see The right to deposit all written publications published by the NCM in the NCM repository should always be retained even when such publications are also published by external publishers. If the publication is published also by an external publisher (e.g. as a book or in a research journal), an appropriate publication reference must be registered in the NCM repository.

Copenhagen, 29 January 2014, 
Dagfinn Høybråten, Secretary General


Niels Stern
Sími: +45 20 68 77 67

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