Praktisk informasjon til journalister og fotografer
Her får du svar på dine praktiske spørsmål om sesjonen 2015.
New Nordic Climate Solutions – a contribution to the COP21 dialogue
The Nordic Council of Ministers would like to partake of the proceedings in the lead up to COP21 with a "New Nordic Climate Solutions”-blog. The aim of this blog is to contribute to the climate dialogue in the search for new green solutions – from a Nordic perspective, but with a global outlook.
«One Health», ett Norden, og en felles strategi mot antibiotikaresistens
Blogginnlegg 09/09/2015
“On top of the world”
Michael Funch
The Nordic region is located on top of the world, so to speak, with a large portion of the Nordic countries reaching into the Arctic. But in global rankings on a number of core business and environment areas, the Nordic countries are also consistently “top of the world”.
Circular economy and bioeconomy in the Nordic region
The business case for a circular economy is compelling. Studies show that the global economy could benefit immensely from a more circular approach, embodied in material savings, emissions reductions and job creation.
Nordic Energy Cooperation
The Nordic region constitutes the world’s 12th largest and the EU’s 5th largest economy – an economy that has experienced a prolonged and dramatic decoupling of emissions and economic growth. Part of the reason for this is the common Nordic electricity market and the use of economic incentives to promote sustainable energy.
Sustainable Building and Sustainable City Planning – The Nordic Way
In the Nordic countries, holistic thinking and a strong sense of social responsibility are important factors in the successful development of sustainable building and sustainable city planning. This includes public regulation and planning, as well as research and development by industries in the private sector.
Energy Efficiency in the Nordic Countries
Energy efficiency has been a key enabler in the decoupling of GDP and emissions that has taken place in the Nordic region. Nordic governments have facilitated energy savings through a number of initiatives across multiple sectors. Public research funding for energy efficiency in the region has been substantial and has doubled over the past decade.
Nordisk försvarsdebatt: "Finland litar helt på Sverige"
Försvarssamarbetet mellan Sverige och Finland fördjupas allt mer. Någon slutlig gräns för samarbetet finns inte, och ingen vill tala högt om en försvarsallians. Bland annat det kom fram under en debatt på Nordens dag i Almedalen.
Et åpent og samarbeidsvillig Norden
Blogginnlegg 17/06/2014
Tillit krever mot
Blogginnlegg 4. juni 2015
Nordisk samarbeid i forandring
Blogginnlegg 5/5/2015
Arbeidsliv under lupen
Blogginnlegg 24/04/2015
Bæredygtighed er, når du gemmer til de næste generationer
Så simpelt kan det siges, hvis du spørger den kommende generation i den danske Krogårdskoles 7.C. Klassen har netop vundet første runde i Den Store Nordiske Klimaduel; en læringsbaseret duel for 12-14-årige i hele Norden, som handler om at spare på energi og lære om nutidens klimaudfordringer.
Hvorfor likestilling er en bærekraftig tilnærming til innovasjon
Blogginnlegg 19. mars 2015
De Nya Nordiska Dryckerna!
Vi måste bli mer medvetna om att vi även genom dryck kan skapa oss nya nordiska varumärken.
Food, meals and packaging
The challenge we face is to try to combine exciting and healthy food with environmentally friendly packaging for the growing "eat and go" movement.
Aesthetics, Haptics and Taste
Food and the Bioeconomy
Food and Feed were from the very beginning of the discussions on the establishment of the biobased Economy or Bioeconomy integral parts of the so-called 4 F’s Club: Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuels.
Back to the future (again)
Our goal is to create a contemporary interpretation of the Norwegian village by creating a unique, sustainable and modern society situated on the seashore, in tune with the world of today and the world of tomorrow - a micro-city.