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Web game "Battle for Earth" invites to learn about energy saving and efficiency

Help the Earth to win the battle against corrupted and uncontrolled Captain Wastrel, who harmfully uses fossil fuel and other Earths resources. Deepen your knowledge in rational energy consumption and both alternative and effective energy, have a good time and win innovative prizes!

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Nordic Council of Ministers’ office in Lithuania invites to experience "Battle for Earth", a newly produced web game and contest which has been presented in Vilnius earlier this week. The project calls to deepen awareness of effective energy consumption. The game can be found on

„Our goal was to introduce young generation to energy consumption on a household, country and global levels as well as innovative ways of energy production using playful interactive form. We also aimed for creation of the game based on actual best practices in Nordic countries and Lithuania. This tool is important as example of regional cooperation, where many Nordic and Baltic partners were involved. I believe the game will find its players on the both sides of the Baltic Sea”, says Bo Harald Tillberg, director of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Lithuania.

Players of the game will be asked to basically renew the defective global energy system created by corrupted Captain Wastrel. Starting from the change of old bulbs in one‘s household and using eco-friendly transport the players will gradually go to solutions vital for the country and the planet – implementation of the smart grids or connection to the international energy organizations. The player who paints the Earth green, conquers Captain Wastrel and collects the largest sum of points in least possible number of passes will be announced as a winner.

The inspiration for this game became the brochure "Guide for Wise Housekeeping", published in 2009 by the Nordic Council of Ministers‘ office in Lithuania together with Representation of the European Commission in Lithuania. The aim of the brochure was to give different advises helping the households to save energy and decrease the negative impact on the environment. Those advises and cases became an interactive base for the newly produced educational web game.

The players will not only learn about various ways to save electricity but will also be awarded with valuable prizes during contest which will last until June 19th. The ten top players will share the prizes such as Kindle, solar mobile phone chargers or an iPad. The winner of first place will be awarded with electric bike.

The English and Russian versions of the game are scheduled to be launched in June. The CD of the game are planned to be distributed in the schools of Lithuania and Kaliningrad. The game is partially financed from the budget of Finnish Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ in 2011.


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