Möten, konferenser, temadagar och sessioner inom det nordiska samarbetet.
Building Climate Resilience in Small Island States
Datum 2015-12-07 till 2015-12-07
Desertification and Land Restoration – The Climate Connection
Datum 2015-12-08 till 2015-12-08
Nearly one-third of available arable land has been lost to erosion while land resources are under increasing pressure with growing demand for food. Land degradation is mainly caused by human activities and changing climate. With improved land management and restoration land degradation is reversed and carbon stocks build up in soil which significantly mitigates climate change. This side event focuses on the challenges of land degradation, the goal of land degradation-neutral world, the benefits of soil carbon sequestration and the importance of land restoration capacity building.
Side Event: Transition to a green investment world
Datum 2015-12-08 till 2015-12-08
Enjoy Lunch, take part of inspiring examples and join in dialogue with Nordic key actors going green
Nordic expertise to boost geothermal development in East Africa
Datum 2015-12-08 till 2015-12-08
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland, ICEIDA and Nordic Climate Fund (NDF) present their joint efforts to combat climate change in East Africa through the Geothermal Exploration Project. The EUR 10 million project covers the 13 East African Rift Valley countries. As part of the project an ambitious plan to establish a Geothermal Centre of Excellence will be promoted.
Innovative Green Investments and Finance for a Competitive Low-Carbon Transition
Datum 2015-12-08 till 2015-12-08
Presentation and discussion of proposals for innovative financing mechanisms and policy instruments for a carbon-neutral society by 2050, in both a Swedish and a Nordic contexts.
Adaptation and Mitigation, two sides of the same coin in climate financing in developing countries
Datum 2015-12-08 till 2015-12-08
The Nordic Council and Nordic Development Fund (NDF) invite to a dialogue on climate change adaptation and mitigation in developing countries; actions that are drivers for transformative innovation. What have we learned from the projects that NDF has been involved in for the last five years and how can this experience be used in future initiatives? Are adaptation and mitigation, two sides of the same coin in climate financing in developing countries!
Green to Scale: What Nordic countries can learn from the world – and what the world can learn from Nordic countries
Datum 2015-12-09 till 2015-12-09
Climate change has gone from If to When to Now. There is a growing urgency and implementation of bold new actions on international and local levels. At this event Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, will present a flagship report developed jointly with international partners on the potential to scale low-carbon solutions across borders. A panel will examine more closely the intersection of climate change and competitiveness basing the discussions on the experiences from Nordic countries.
Retreating Arctic Glaciers: Monitoring and adaptation efforts
Datum 2015-12-09 till 2015-12-09
Nordic glaciers are a natural laboratory for studying the response of the Earth's cryosphere to climate change. Key issues to be introduced are: • Accelerating ice loss in the Arctic • Local adaptation efforts to respond to projected changes • Nordic research on local and global implications of ongoing changes in the cryosphere

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