Junior Cartographer GIS Analyst

We are hiring: Junior Cartographer GIS Analyst

Working at Nordregio, which is located on Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm, means being part of a truly international research environment focusing on sustainable regional development in the Nordic Region and beyond. We conduct applied and policy-oriented research and participate in and lead Nordic and international research projects and programmes.
We can offer significant career development potential in terms of enhancing your competencies through applied and policy-relevant research, achieving an international network of contacts, as well as getting extensive experience in team and project management. You will also get rich opportunities to collaborate with regional and municipal stakeholders in the Nordic Region.

We are now looking for a Junior Cartographer GIS Analyst with:
  • Expertise in GIS, geo-data management and spatial analysis, statistics and quantitative analysis.
  • Experience in creating new cartographical materials (e.g., shapefile of administrative and functional units, thematic maps).
  • Knowledge in collecting data from Nordic and European statistical institutes (e.g., socio-economic indicators at municipal and regional levels) as well as from other geo-data sources. Knowledge of the Baltic and Arctic geographies is a plus.
  • A drive for working in teams and supporting colleagues and project partners with statistics and maps in an international applied research environment.
For this position, you have recently finalised your MSc degree in GIS, geoinformatics, geography, or an equivalent discipline. A couple of years of professional experience would be a plus. Professional fluency in English is essential, and you should be willing to acquire a working knowledge in a Scandinavian language within a relatively short period if you do not already speak one.

About your role
As a Junior Cartographer GIS Analyst, your analytical skills are solicitated on a daily basis. You are going to primarily work with collecting, processing, analysing and visualising geo-data. Your tasks include diverse operations using ArcGIS Pro and Desktop, QGIS, and Excel. You also contribute to the management and the development of our database which covers all municipalities and all regions in the Nordic Region, and beyond.
Your critical thinking is also key to your work at Nordregio. You are going, for instance, to question the quality of various datasets, and deduce policy-relevant facts from your data analysis.
Finally, you are involved in several projects in parallel, in which you are going to work on your own as well as in close cooperation with colleagues, stakeholders and partner organisations.

Application and contact
Upload your cv, letter of motivation and references no later than 16 April 2021. The interviews are scheduled to start on week 17 via Teams.
We intend the position to be full time from 1 June 2021 or as soon as possible. We offer competitive salaries and a fixed-term contract with a maximum length of four years. Subject to further agreement the contract can be renewed for up to another four years.
Note that you are entitled to leave of absence from your current position for the duration of your employment at Nordregio if you are employed by the State in a Nordic country. More information can be found in the agreement “Avtale om rettstilling for samnordiske institusjoner og deres ansate”.

For further information, please contact:
  • Senior Cartographer GIS Analyst: Gustaf Norlén (gustaf.norlen@nordregio.org or +46 76 169 3954Local SACO 
  • Local SACO representative: Johanna Jokinen (johanna.jokinen@nordregio.org or +46 73 447 5193)
We look forward to your application!




Junior Cartographer GIS Analyst





Application Deadline

16/04/2021 23:59

Employment conditions

Nordic conditions

Job Category

Employment with a Nordic institution or partner


Senior Cartographer GIS Analyst: Gustaf Norlén (gustaf.norlen@nordregio.org or +46 76 169 3954)
Local SACO representative: Johanna Jokinen (johanna.jokinen@nordregio.org or +46 73 447 5193)