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Indigenous persons with disabilities - LIVE stream

14.06.22 | Begivenheder
Climate and environmental damage, as well as climate action, pose specific challenges for persons with disabilities, and indigenous peoples.
The side event will shed light upon how welfare services can be customized to the needs of indigenous disabled persons, in respect of their spiritual connection to land, nature and traditional knowledge.

Indigenous peoples suffer disproportionately from loss of biological diversity and environmental degradation. Both mental and physical health of indigenous persons are affected by environmental degradation, toxic waste and forced migration, causing mental and physical disability. Persons with disabilities within indigenous communities are especially vulnerable in cases of extreme weather events and climate disaster.
At the same time, the need for climate action impose upon states an obligation to implement welfare services for persons with disabilities, in a sustainable manner.


Gry Haugsbakken, State Secretary, Ministry of Culture and Equality, Norway
Runar Myrnes Balto, Council member of the Sami Parliament with responsibility for disability issues, Norway
Astrid Krag, Minister for Social Affairs and Senior Citizens, Denmark
Sif Holst, Vice-chair Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark and Denmark’s representative on the Council of Nordic Cooperation on Disability, Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark
Line Melbøe, Professor, UiT The Arctic University of Norway Department of Social Education
Holly Echo-Hawk, MSc Organizational Behavior, National Co-Chair Opioid Response Network Indigenous Communities Workgroup and Senior Advisor, California Tribal MAT Stimulant Treatment Initiative and Tribal Behavioral Health SME, New England MHTTC
Janne Hirvasvuopio, Parliamentary Assistant and Member of Advisory Board for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities VANE
Niels Tuutu Berthelsen, Principal, Gertrud Rask Minde, Sisimiut Greenland

The governments of the Nordic countries and organisations representing persons with disabilities cooperate on disability and inclusion issues within the Nordic Council of ministers. Modern welfare policy, UNCRPD and Agenda 2030 are important corner stones.


11:15 - 14:30


Fringe event