Nordic labour markets and the sharing economy

National Background Reports


This collection of national background reports are produced as part of a pilot project on Nordic Labour Markets and the Sharing Economy funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and organized by Fafo, Oslo. The aim of the pilot project was to facilitate Nordic information exchange and provide a better knowledge base for developing future Nordic studies in this area. As part of the project, Fafo invited a group of researchers from all the Nordic countries to prepare short national background papers and take part in a two day workshop in Oslo, 26-27 September 2016. The national background papers were written within very restricted budget frames, and should be read in combination with the overall report from the pilot project, please find the main report on this page. The Nordic research group has consisted of Antti Saloniemi (University of Tampere), Per Kongshøj-Madsen and Stine Rasmussen (CARMA, Aalborg University), Anna Illsøe (FAOS, Copehagen University), Bertil Rolandsson, Jesper Peterson and Tomas Berglund (University of Gothenburg), Katrín Ólafsdóttir (Reykjavik University School of Business), and Jon Erik Dølvik and Kristin Jesnes (Fafo).