07.02.20 | News

Coming together through language

Young people in the Nordic region would like to learn to understand each other better across national borders. They want to see innovative thinking in language teaching and opportunities to get together. These were the clear messages to Nordic politicians from a group of young people at...

04.02.20 | News

Nordisk kursändring i sikte – nu blir samarbetet grönare

Det är lätt att säga att Norden skall bli världens mest hållbara och integrerade region – men betydligt svårare att gå från ord till handling. Ända sedan de nordiska statsministrarna fattade beslut om det nordiska samarbetets nya vision ifjol har arbetet med att förbereda implementering...

02.11.16 | Declaration

Nordic Declaration on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education The Reykjavik Declaration (Revised 2016)

The Nordic region is an open area in terms of education, training and the labour market. Nordic co-operation in these fields is broad, deep and unique, and must be maintained and extended.

08.10.19 | Information

About the Committee for Knowledge and Culture in the Nordic Region

The Committee for Knowledge and Culture in the Nordic Region works with topics and issues relating to culture, research and education, primary and secondary schools, adult education and general education – including matters of language co-operation, new media, skills development, and in...