03.09.19 | News

Proposal: closer co-operation on societal security

The Presidium of the Nordic Council wants Nordic co-operation to pay greater attention to societal security. The Presidium of the Nordic Council has approved a strategy paper containing multiple proposals for areas in which the Nordic countries could work more closely together on what i...

03.09.19 | News

The Nordic Region needs to play catch up!

“The Baltic and Benelux countries have automatic mutual recognition of higher education qualifications. The Nordic Region needs to play catch up!” says Pyry Niemi, who chairs the Committee for Growth and Development in the Nordic Region.

13.08.18 | Declaration

Akureyri Declaration on increased Nordic-Baltic Co-operation in the field of Consumer Protection

Meeting of the Ministers of Consumer Affairs of the Nordic and Baltic States

12.02.19 | Information

The Nordic Council of Ministers' activities in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

The Nordic Council of Ministers has enjoyed wide-ranging and close co-operation with Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania since the early 1990s.