02.09.14 | Declaration

    Akureyri Declaration on increased Nordic-Baltic Co-operation in the field of Consumer Protection

    Meeting of the Ministers of Consumer Affairs of the Nordic and Baltic States

    12.02.19 | Information

    The Nordic Council of Ministers' activities in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

    The Nordic Council of Ministers has enjoyed wide-ranging and close co-operation with Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania since the early 1990s.

    25.04.22 | News

    New Nordic-Baltic co-operation agreement puts spotlight on Ukraine

    The Nordic and Baltic countries must do their utmost to support Ukraine and secure peace and stability in the region. This is part of the content of a co-operation agreement signed between the Nordic Council and the Baltic Assembly for 2022–2023.

    22.03.22 | News

    Huge support for Ukraine

    “We need your help – every day, every minute”. These were the words with which Mykhailo Vydoinyk, the Ukrainian ambassador to Denmark, began his speech at the Nordic Council theme session, where he was met with standing ovations from politicians from across the Nordic Region and the Bal...