Almedalen Week 2021 - From strategy to business

06.07.21 | Event
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How do we steer processes from circular goals and strategies to business? How does reuse become economical? How do consumers and producers find each other in order to prioritise the cycle that supports both the green transition and profitable business? What can we learn from each other in the Nordic Region?


03:00 PM - 03:45 PM

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In this event, we’ll focus on the green transition and how we can work with circular business models. During the seminar, various stakeholders and companies will discuss the societal and business benefits of the circular economy. The green transition has already begun by way of new value chains, skills development, and collaborations within various ecosystems between Nordic companies. But the question is how can we get better at being circular? How can we accelerate economic gain in line with the green transition? It’s certainly possible to challenge traditional industry to help find solutions for a circular future. And there are plenty of good examples by Nordic companies who have demonstrated how we can work sustainably using circular business models. Please feel free to join us and listen to the questions and the solutions proposed.

List of speakers

  • Nina Aagard (DK), COO Nordic Innovation

  • Sebastian Holmström, COO Cradlenet

  • Nina Aagard (DK), COO Nordic Innovation

  • Katherine Whalen, PhD, Researcher Built Environment


Moderator: Paulina Moblitva