Shaping the new Nordic gender agenda

19.03.21 | Event
CSW65 2
Ministers and young activists on exclusion & norms of power


02:30 PM - 04:00 PM


This panel of Nordic ministers and young activists will drive attention to how the agency of young women, in all their diversity, is crucial in shaping a new gender agenda.

The Nordic countries have undoubtedly come far. Women are represented in high-level political and economic decision-making. And yet, the Nordic face of power is not diverse when it comes to age, ethnicity and background. New norms for leadership are needed.

Meet the panel

  1. Thomas Blomqvist, Chair and Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Equality, Finland
  2. Ajak Majok, Feminist activist, Finland
  3. Celia Lima, Feminist activist, Norway
  4. Abid Q. Raja, Minister of Culture and Equality, Norway
  5. Annika Hambrudd, Minister of Education and Culture, Åland
  6. Märta Stenevi, Minister for Gender Equality and Housing, Sweden
  7. Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister, Iceland
  8. Peter Hummelgaard, Minister for Equal Opportunities, Denmark