Applications for project funding from the Working Environment Committee in 2022

03.12.21 | Funding opportunities
The Nordic Working Environment Committee’s remit includes helping to implement the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Co-operation Programme for Working Life 2022–2024. The Committee is now calling for funding applications for projects in 2022.


Opportunity category
Open calls
Tue, 01/02/2022 - 11:59 PM
Financial framework
DKK 2,000,000
Åland Islands
Faroe Islands

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Co-operation Programme for Working Life 2022–2024 sets out the Working Environment Committee’s overarching goals and guidelines. The programme is based on the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Vision 2030, which states that the Nordic Region will be the most integrated and sustainable region in the world by 2030. The vision has three priorities – a green, competitive and socially sustainable Nordic Region.

The Committee’s most important function is to enhance the Nordic knowledge and experience base, with a view to improving and modernising working environment policy and administration in the Nordic countries. 

In terms of the working environment, the aim is to provide a good and sustainable physical and psychological working environment for everyone, throughout their careers. Achieving this demands close working relationships between local employers and their staff, with a focus on risk prevention. It is also crucial that national agencies, employers’ associations and trade unions contribute with input, effective strategies and methods of supervision. In addition, it is vital that the development of the working environment takes into account international agreements and EU legislation.

The Working Environment Committee is encouraging applications from projects aimed at contributing information, practical recommendations and solutions that working environment experts and supervisory agencies can use to deal with future problems, and which address the following topics:

1. Working environment and the jobs of the future

The wide-ranging Nordic research project “The Future of Work: Opportunities and Challenges for the Nordic Models” produced a number of relevant interim reports and an overall final report in the first half of 2021. It identifies several development features, analyses and challenges that warrant further discussion and investigation by the Committee, e.g.:

  • The rise of “platform work”, which challenges a core principle of the Nordic model that employers and unions negotiate pay and working conditions
  • Increasing digitalisation and changing forms of work and organisation, including more home and remote work, and their consequences, e.g. technology-induced stress, lack of support (including digital), unclear boundaries between work and leisure, consequences for participation, motivation, productivity and health, etc.
  • The risk of a future working life in which not everyone benefits from wage growth and well regulated conditions, and more and more people are excluded
  • The consequences of climate change and the green transition for the working environment and occupational health
  • The place and organisation of work on the working environment in the major transitional processes ahead.

2. Further development of the working environment agencies’ strategies and methods

The changes in working life also affect the working environment agencies. The agencies need information, strategies and methods to cope with future challenges to the working environment. 

The report “Work today and in the future. Perspectives on Occupational Safety and Health challenges and opportunities for the Nordic labour inspectorates ” provides a relevant basis for future projects. 

The funding pool in 2022 will be approx. DKK 2 million for projects of all sizes. 

Information on application procedures and forms can be found on the   Council of Ministers’ websites:

Applications must be submitted by e-mail to the Committee secretary Gro Synnøve Rygh Færevåg no later than 1 February 2022.

Applications submitted after that date will not be processed.