Batteries in the Nordics – changing for circularity

26.06.20 | Funding opportunities
The over-all aim of this project is to promote the Nordic countries as a forerunner region in demanding and using sustainable design of consumer electronics and such appliances, and to identify key opportunities, barriers and challenges in the transition towards a more sustainable use of battery technologies, including the transport sector. The aesthetics of the design should meet with the overall sustainability: high quality, durability and smart assembly for refurbishing.


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Wed, 09/09/2020 - 03:00 PM
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Batteries and battery technology are under rapid development, with both positive and negative impacts on the environment and health. This project will map how battery technology is used in the Nordics and how the relevant markets can contribute to the transition to a circular economy through better design, long-lived products and safety for consumers. Furthermore, it will identify what measures are needed to promote circular economy in businesses using batteries, including the barriers. The project will also explore how do we change the way lithium ion batteries are designed and used in the Nordics today, in order to improve our circularity gap. Potentials related to a Nordic cooperation on distribution, collection or other logistics, will be assessed. 


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