Call for proposals: Applied Ethical AI on Nordic Patient Records

12.12.22 | Funding opportunities
Nordic Innovation in cooperation with The Ministerial Council for Digitalization, will fund the development and demonstration of an ethical AI-based solution, capable of reading patient records across the Nordic countries, Nordic languages and different medical health record systems.


Opportunity category
Open calls
Tue, 31/01/2023 - 11:59 PM
Financial framework
NOK 5.800.000
Åland Islands
Faroe Islands

Purpose and context

The purpose of this call for project proposals is to fund the development and demonstration of an ethical AI-based solution, capable of reading patient records across the Nordic countries – across Nordic languages, borders and different medical health record systems. The project shall demonstrate what can be done in the field of ethical AI applied to the responsible use of health data within the current legal framework and changes to the legal framework that occurs during the full project period.

Through this initiative, Nordic Innovation sets out to promote sustainable growth, innovation, entrepreneurship and global competitiveness of Nordic companies.

Large amounts, high quality and diverse data are key to building models that generalize well while at the same time decreasing the risk of bias and can improve clinical efficiency and patient outcomes. While some companies may already have developed and are using AI-solutions on patient records that they have access to, the usefulness of AI and the scope of new innovations increases considerably when it is possible to work across Nordic borders and utilize the full breadth of Nordic health data. This will improve the quality of developed AI-solutions in healthcare and thus unlock new application areas in the Nordic healthcare systems. With the outcome of this call, Nordic Innovation also aims to position Nordic businesses internationally in exporting Nordic ethical and responsible AI solutions applied to health data.

This is one of two calls for proposals launched simultaneously. The other, related call is aimed at demonstrating the innovation potential in the context-rich patient records for innovating new solutions for solving health care challenges.

Together, the two resulting projects aim at propelling the Nordic region as leading in ethical AI and responsible use of health data, by demonstrating the potential for value creation for Nordic businesses and society.