An evaluation of the joint Nordic cultural initiative Nordic Bridges

15.09.22 | Funding opportunities
The Nordic Council of Ministers hereby invites you to submit a tender for the contract to evaluate the joint Nordic cultural initiative Nordic Bridges.


Opportunity category
Public procurements
Fri, 07/10/2022 - 02:00 PM
Financial framework
400.000 DKK
Åland Islands
Faroe Islands

In 2019 the Nordic ministers for culture chose Canada as the next destination for a joint Nordic cultural initiative in the form of Nordic Bridges in 2022, and awarded DKK 5 million for the promotion of Nordic arts and culture and for strengthened collaboration with Canada. To date, the project has involved hundreds of Nordic artists from all artistic genres in collaboration with museums, cultural institutions and festivals the length and breadth of Canada. The primary objectives of this evaluation are to give a broader and better sense of:

  • If and how Nordic Bridges led to greater or strengthened interaction between the Nordic Region and Canada?
  • If and how Nordic artists and cultural sectors experience benefits from participating in Nordic Bridges?
  • If and how Nordic Bridges raises the profile of the Nordic Region as innovative and creative 

Due to the initiative’s international profile the tender must be prepared in English. All communication during the subsequent contract period will also be in English.

For all the information and to submit a bid, please follow the link to log-in and download: