Funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers' Working Environment Committee

19.07.18 | Funding opportunities
The Committee funds projects that focus on closer co-operation between the Nordic countries in the working environment. Key issues include how workplaces can improve the physical, psychological and social conditions, promote sustainable use of the individual member of staff's resources, promote gender equality and non-discrimination and further develop the Nordic Region as an attractive place to work.


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More information on funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers' Working Environment Committee

The Nordic Working Environment Committee is responsible for the co-operation programme for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ working life sector 2018–2021, under which a key priority is to promote safety, health and welfare at work. The objective is a working environment that is attractive, motivating and inclusive, and prevents health problems. All work in this area must comply with international agreements and EU legislation. The Committee will focus, in particular, on improving physical and mental health in the workplace and developing working strategies and supervision. It will also highlight the importance of good management and active staff involvement in order to ensure sustainable use of individual resources. Funding applications will be judged on quality, relevance and Nordic synergy. Although funds are only allocated for one year at a time, applications are accepted from projects lasting up to three years. If the Committee has the budget capacity for it, and the project has progressed as planned, multi-year projects that have already been approved will be prioritised ahead of new applications.

Application form for the Working Environment Committee (in Danish)

The Labour Evironment Committee application form for project funding