Funding for a project about a strategy for green recovery in the Nordic Region

02.03.21 | Funding opportunities
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Nordic Working Group for Environment and Economy (NME) is inviting applications for funding for a project about a strategy for green recovery in the Nordic Region. The deadline for applications is 16 April 2021.


Opportunity category
Public procurements
Fri, 16/04/2021 - 11:00 PM
Financial framework
DKK 500,000
Faroe Islands
Åland Islands


All of the Nordic countries have already introduced measures – and plan more of them·– to support their national economies in the wake of the economic crisis triggered by COVID-19. While the measures to date have very much taken the form of emergency funding for companies and their staff, the question of what shape more strategic and long-term recovery measures should take has come up more and more regularly – often in the context of the need for them also to help move national economies in a more environmentally and socially sustainable direction. In the spring, the Nordic climate and environment ministers adopted a joint position on the importance of synergies between economic recovery and the green transition.

The purpose of the project

Part of the project will be to map and analyse planned and already implemented stimulus measures at national level that have an impact on the environment and climate. The idea is to show how “green” the recovery actually is in the various countries and to share knowledge about potentially effective measures and what might impinge on their effectiveness.

Based on actual national economies, the project should:

  1. Paint an overall picture of the state of knowledge (including theoretical knowledge) regarding the concept of “green recovery”, i.e. measures that have a stimulus effect as well as a positive impact on the environment and climate in both the short and long term.
  2. Identify the sectors in which recovery measures are deemed to be the most relevant in the light of the current economic crisis and which could have a particularly strong and positive impact on the environment and climate.
  3. Describe and conduct a general analysis of national measures planned or already implemented that can be categorised as environmentally friendly and good for the climate and those which are not.
  4. Analyse whether any of the measures that might aid economic recovery jeopardise the ability of the Nordic countries to achieve their climate goals, and whether it is possible to reconfigure these measures in a manner that would reduce the negative impact on the environment and climate goals as much as possible.

Work on the EU Green New Deal is relevant but the project should concentrate on national measures.  


The budget for the project is DKK 500 000 (incl. VAT). This includes standard project expenses as well as travel and communications.


Applications must be submitted to NME by 16 April 2021. All documents must be submitted by this deadline. A decision will be made in April and all applicants will be informed rias soon as possible. Dates for interim and final reports will be set in the project contract.


Applications must be submitted online via the HANKI portal to the working group's administrative body, the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Southern Ostrobothnia. The project description/application form and compulsory budget schedule must be in one of the Nordic languages or English. You must set up a free account on the portal to submit an application.

Feel free to submit additional appendices (max. 10–15 x A4 pages) describing in greater detail the factors that the working groups should consider in our evaluation, e.g. a separate project description. Send any CVs jointly in a single separate file.

The evaluation criteria for applications include the following:

Criteria and weighting in percent

  • Working plan and methodology (30%)
  • Understanding of the area (25%)
  • Experience of analyses (25%)
  • Costs for planned working time (20%)


Further information about funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers is available here:

NME will select the project based on their assessments of the applications. The working group reserves the right to reject all applications.

See appendix: “Anbudsinbjudan Strategi_for_Gron_aterhamtning_NME.docx” för ytterligare detaljer kring projektinnehåll, bedömningsgrunder och finansieringskrav.