Initiatives for joint branding of the Nordics by embassies and diplomatic missions

25.06.19 | Funding opportunities
Do you have an idea for a Nordic project, an idea that can help place The Nordics in the minds of the world? A project that can highlight our Nordic values, helping set an agenda. Then we would like to hear from you.


Opportunity category
Financial framework
30.000 DKK

The idea behind this application round is to help Nordic embassies and missions abroad in joining forces and promote Nordic thinking, solutions, values and competences. We expect that the projects that are being applied for has a connection to Strategy for International Branding of the Nordic Region.

Who can apply, for how much and how often?

A total of DKK 1.000.000 has been earmarked to support Nordic embassies and foreign missions for joint Nordic branding activities in 2020. A maximum amount of DKK 30.000 can be applied for. Budget is limited and financial support may not be available at the end of the year.

Please note that only Nordic embassies/diplomatic missions outside the Nordic region may apply and each country can maximum apply for funding maximum twice per year. Meaning that Nordic mission in for instance France may apply twice (not twice for each Nordic mission in France).