The Nordic Culture Fund: project funding and START

26.07.18 | Funding opportunities
The Nordic Culture Fund supports projects that rethink and recreate the concept of what is Nordic and that enhance cultural life in the Region.


 It has been doing this since 1966, based on an agreement between all of the Nordic countries. In recent years, the Fund has evolved into an active facilitator of and participant in networking activities designed to encourage discussion of pioneering new artistic and cultural trends and opportunities. The Fund awards DKK 29 million p.a. to around 200 projects.

The money goes to conferences, concerts, tours, exhibitions, festivals, research and educational projects, etc. in the Nordic Region and beyond. The basic requirement for all projects is that they must include an element of Nordic co-operation and relate to the arts and/or culture.

In addition to regular project funding, the Nordic Culture Fund also provides “rapid-response” START funding for the development and networking phase that precedes art and culture projects.

Every two years, the Fund awards DKK 3 million to one or more projects that address a particular main theme.