The Nordic Culture Fund: Project Funding, Opstart and Globus

26.07.18 | Funding opportunities
The Nordic Culture Fund acts as a catalyst for art and culture in the Nordic Region. It supports various forms of collaboration and brings the Nordic region together, so that everyone can see the Nordic part of the world with new eyes.

The Nordic Culture Fund works to support an innovative and dynamic artistic and cultural scene in the Nordic Region, one that is diverse, accessible and of high quality. Based on this mission, the Fund seeks to stimulate the development of art and culture in the Nordic region and in a global context.

Project funding has been a key part of the Fund’s remit since it was set up in 1966. In recent years, the Fund has pursued a clearer and more direct approach to funding. It now has a budget of DKK 36.9 million, the majority of which is earmarked for grants to cultural projects in the Nordic region and beyond.

Project Funding, Opstart and its theme programmes allow the Fund to work with art and culture in the Nordic region in a whole new way, promote diversity and follow trends from an early stage.

Relevant funding programmes

  • Project Funding grants are awarded three times a year to Nordic art and culture projects. Applicants do not need to be residents of the Nordic region or Nordic citizens, but projects must be of high quality and Nordic relevance.
  • Opstart funds the development of promising project ideas and the start-up phase of new Nordic projects that have a clear development perspective. You may apply for grants of up to DKK 25,000 and will receive a response within 20 working days.
  • Globus is the Nordic Culture Fund's new funding programme which will be launched in 2021. Globus will make room for global perspectives and allow Nordic culture to expand beyond the region.