Open Call for project funding 2024 for the Nordic Working Group for Chemicals, Environment, and Health (NKE)

04.04.23 | Funding opportunities
The Nordic Working Group for Chemicals, Environment, and Health (NKE) is accepting applications for project funding for 2024.


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Open calls
Fri, 09/06/2023 - 11:59 PM
Faroe Islands
Åland Islands

NKE is working towards to help minimise the negative health and environmental effects of chemicals in products, emissions and waste. NKE covers a wide area and co-operation on chemicals is a big challenge. Over the years, NKE has built and expanded networks of experts from national agencies in the Nordic countries. NKE has also set up sub-groups (project groups) as per the targets set for the various areas.


Nordic co-operation has often taken the form of exerting influence on EU regulations but also covers other aspects of international work, e.g. conventions, the Arctic environment, test methods and OECD work on chemicals, which also forms the foundations for EU regulation. NKE believes that the networks have the best prerequisite for coming up with new and current questions how Nordic work can address the critical issues with chemicals in the Nordic countries, the EU, and globally. We welcome new ideas and encourage forward way of thinking: What knowledge do we lack today and what do we need to acquire knowledge of?


NKE focuses on goals set in the Programme for Nordic Co-operation on the Environment and Climate 2019–2024 and Our Vision 2030 and prioritises projects according to these goals.

The applications will be assessed based on

  • their alignment of the Programme for Nordic Cooperation and Vision 2030 goals
  • the relevance for NKE work and Nordic utility
  • quality of the project description
  • communication plan for the results generated.


You can apply by sending application to NKE coordinator

Deadline for applications is 9.6.2023

The application forms, instructions, and background material can be found in scandinavian and english below:


Scandinavian documents:

English documents:

Frequently asked questions

1. Who is eligible to apply?

Any municipal, regional, or national authorities, universities and colleges, research institutes and other non- profit organizations may apply for grants from NKE. Business enterprises cannot be the main applicants and recipients of funding, but may, for example, be included as project participants, participate in the project group, or work on the project on behalf of the project owner. A project shall involve a minimum of three Nordic countries or alternatively two Nordic countries and at least one non-Nordic country.

2. What is the maximum of funding that can be applied for?

NKE works within the frame of Nordic Council’s budget. In the past years, NKE budget has been around 4 MDKK which is divided into several projects. In the past, the biggest single project funded has been around DKK 600 000. Depending on the total number of project proposals received for the call, agreed priorities and the total sum to be shared, NKE may cut the budget and ask applicants to adapt their project proposals accordingly.