Academic recognition in Finland of qualifications completed abroad

Ulkomailla suoritettujen tutkintojen akateeminen tunnustaminen Suomessa
Here you will find information on how to get recognition of a qualification completed in another country if you move to Finland to study. Correspondingly, there is information on how to get a qualification completed in Finland recognised in another country.

Academic recognition of qualifications means both access to education based on foreign education and gaining credits for foreign studies as part of a qualification completed in Finland.

Details of professional recognition of qualifications, that is when a person who has completed a qualification abroad needs a separate decision on recognition of the qualification or the right to practice a profession, can be found in the article Professional recognition in Finland of qualifications completed abroad.

Recognition of foreign qualifications in Finland

Universities and educational institutions make their own decisions as to granting credits for studies completed abroad as part of a Finnish qualification. The Agreement concluded by Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden on Admission to Higher Education guarantees that universities in the Nordic countries recognise studies completed in each other’s institutions.

Recognition of Finnish qualifications abroad

The international principle for the recognition of qualifications is that the host institution assesses the level of the foreign qualification and the eligibility it confers. Finland cannot directly influence decisions taken by authorities in another country. Even though there are certain general rules, for example in Nordic agreements and EU rules, each country decides for itself how to implement the rules and how to apply them in individual cases. You can also apply to the Finnish National Agency for Education for an individual attestation of a Finnish qualification. For a fee, the Finnish National Agency for Education can provide expert attestations of Finnish qualifications for international purposes. Attestations can be provided for completed qualifications that form part of the official Finnish qualifications structure.

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