Applying for higher education in Finland

Haku korkea-asteen koulutukseen Suomessa
Here you will find information on how to apply to Finnish universities of applied sciences and universities.

Information on higher education in Finland can be found on the page Higher education in Finland.

You can apply for higher education study programmes in Finnish and Swedish (universities of applied sciences and universities) in spring and autumn through the electronic joint application process on the Studyinfo website. The Nordic agreement on admission to higher education guarantees all persons living in the Nordic countries equal rights to apply for public higher education in the Nordic countries on similar or corresponding conditions to the country’s own inhabitants. 

Most Master’s programmes, especially those in English, are not part of the joint application. They are applied for through the universities’ own separate application processes. 

You may not necessarily be invited to entrance examinations in person, so you need to find out the time and place of entrance examinations yourself. They can usually be found easily on the internet on the universities’ application sites.

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