Bank accounts and insurance in Åland

Bankkonto och försäkring på Åland
In the section Bank accounts and insurance in Åland you will find information on banking and insurance services in Åland and on what identification is required by banks in Åland.

Payments in Åland are in euros but you can also pay with Swedish kronor and credit cards. Swedish bank cards are not accepted as means of payment, however.

You will find the general rules in Bank accounts in Finland and in Insurance in Finland. It is worth mentioning that in the section Opening a bank account in Finland, the following rules apply when using a driving licence as identification at banks in Åland. Some banks will recognise your Nordic driving licence as identification, but only for certain purposes, and not for opening a bank account. Ålandsbanken only accepts Finnish driving licences as identification for other purposes. Otherwise the same rules apply that you can read about in the article Bank accounts in Finland.

On this Å page you will find websites and contact details for banks and financial services in Åland.

From January 2015 Handelsbanken has had a service centre in Åland in the centre of Mariehamn.

On this Å page you will find websites and contact details for insurance companies which have operations in Åland. However, the page does not include the Åland Mutual Insurance Company (Ålands Ömsesidiga Försäkringsbolag).

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