Children and families in Åland

Barn och familj på Åland
The following section contains information on matters you should be aware of if you move to Åland with children, for example guidance services and parental leave as well as child benefit, social assistance and other forms of assistance for families with children.

In principle the same rules apply in Åland as in Finland. The text below briefly describes the differences between Åland and Finland.

Maternity grant

If you live in Åland you apply to your municipality for the maternity grant. Further information on how to apply is available on the Kela website

Monitoring pregnancy

As a permanent resident of Åland you are entitled to the free maternity care services provided by the Province’s health centres during and following pregnancy the Province’s health centres during and following pregnancy. The purpose of the maternity clinic is to promote the health of expectant mothers, foetuses and newborn babies and the child’s family. Maternity guidance is compulsory for expectant mothers in order to get child benefit and maternity grant paid by Kela.

Giving birth

Childbirth is part of the specialised health care provided for permanent residents of Åland. A charge is generally made for visits to health centres and hospitals.

Read about the system of childbirth in Åland here

The only significant difference from parental benefits in Finland is that there is no private day care allowance in Åland.

Home care allowance

If you live in Åland you apply for home care allowance from your municipality of residence. Home care allowance consists of a fixed amount, care allowance, and possibly a care supplement which depends on the family’s income. The care supplement is only paid for one child. There are also municipalities that pay extra allowance from the municipality to persons receiving home care allowance

Child benefit in Åland

In Åland child benefit is financed by the Government of Åland. But Ålanders also have to apply for child benefit via Kela. The rules are the same as in Finland, but the amounts are different. Åland child benefit is graduated according to the number of children in the family. The benefit is higher the more children there are under the age of 17 in the family. As a single parent in Åland who is not married or cohabiting you get a supplement for each child.

Kela pays child benefit, which is tax-free, for children resident in Åland until they reach the age of 17. Child benefit is residence-based and ceases to be paid the month after you move abroad. Child benefit payments start the month after the child’s birth or the month after the right to child benefit was acquired.

Nordic citizens

If you are a Nordic citizen studying or working in Åland and you are covered by social security here in Åland, you can get child benefit for your children. This also applies if your children are only in Åland temporarily or do not live in Åland at all. However, this applies if neither of the child’s guardians works in the country where the child lives.

How to apply for child benefit:

  • You can apply for child benefit as soon as you have got a certificate from the maternity clinic of your child’s expected date of birth.
  • You apply for child benefit from Kela either by submitting a form to the Kela office in Mariehamn or you can apply online.
  • Child benefit is paid monthly to your bank account.
  • Child benefit can be paid to the child’s mother or father or other guardian and in exceptional cases to the child him/herself if he/she has reached the age of 15.

Social assistance in Åland

In Finland social assistance is managed by Kela, but in Åland it is the municipalities. If your family’s income is not enough to cover your daily expenditure you can apply for social assistance from your municipality of residence in Åland.

Contact the authority

If you have questions about social benefits for families with children in Åland, you can contact Kela

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