Benefits for families with children in Finland

Suomen etuudet lapsiperheille
Here you will find information on benefits for parents in Finland paid by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). The rules also apply to the Åland Islands.

Kela pays various benefits to families with children if the family is covered by the Finnish social security system. These benefits include the maternity grant, parental allowances and child benefits.

Here you will find, in chronological order, information first on the maternity grant, then various parental allowances and finally child care assistance. You can find information on child benefit in the separate article Child benefit in Finland.

Maternity grant

When you have been pregnant for at least 5 months (154 days), you can apply for the maternity grant. The maternity grant can either be paid as a cash benefit or a maternity package containing baby clothes and child care products. If you choose the cash benefit, you get 170 euros, free of tax.

Parental leave and allowances

When you have a child, you can apply to Kela for parental allowances. These include maternity allowance, paternity allowance, parental allowance and also special maternity allowance, which is paid if you have to stop working because of risks. To receive allowances, you must be covered by health insurance in Finland for 180 days immediately before the child’s birth. If you have been insured in another Nordic country or an EU or EEA country, that can also be counted.

Maternity allowance and special maternity allowance

You can take maternity leave 30−50 working days, or around 5−8 before the calculated time of birth. You can choose yourself when to start your maternity leave. Maternity allowance is paid to mothers for 105 days. If your work involves certain risk factors, you can apply for special maternity allowance earlier.

Parental allowance

After the maternity allowance period, the parental allowance is paid for 158 days, and can be paid to either parent. The father and the mother can also take partial parental leave at the same time, then both get partial parental allowance from Kela.

Paternity allowance

Paternity allowance is paid to the father for a maximum total of 54 days. Paternity allowance days can partly overlap with the mother’s allowance days. Allowances paid to the father must be used before the child reaches the age of two.

Child home care allowance and private day care allowance

After parental leave, you can receive home care allowance, if the child is not in municipal day care. The parent does not have to be caring for the child at home, it can also be another caregiver.

You can choose between private and municipal day care. You can get private day care allowance for private day care.

Moving and benefits for families with children

Are you moving from Finland to another Nordic country?

If you move permanently from Finland to another Nordic country during a period of parental allowances and you no longer work in Finland, Finland nonetheless pays the allowances until the end of the period. An exception to this is the child home care allowance. Payment of this ends on the day you move unless it concerns the family member of a person still working in Finland.

In certain cases Finnish parental allowances can be granted to persons residing temporarily in another country. The condition is that the applicant is covered by the Finnish social security system despite residing in another country.

Always let Kela know if you move.

Are you moving to Finland from another Nordic country?

If you move to Finland and you have started to receive parental allowances from another Nordic country, your previous home country will nonetheless pay the allowances to the end. Ask for more information from the authority granting the benefit.

If a person who is expecting a child moves to Finland before the other Nordic country has started paying parental allowances, they can apply for parental allowances from Kela in Finland if they are considered to have moved to Finland permanently or if they are covered by Finnish social security based on their work.

Even if one parent receives parental allowances from another Nordic country, the father is entitled to paternity leave and paternity allowance in Finland if the father does not work in the other country.

If you move, inform Kela and the corresponding authority in your country of departure.

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