Benefits in Finland in the event of death

Kuolemantapauksessa maksettavat Suomen etuudet
Here you will find information on survivors’ pensions for bereaved persons. The rules also apply to the Åland Islands.

Bereaved persons may receive a survivors’ pension from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) either as a spouse’s pension or an orphan’s pension. Survivors’ pensions are also paid by bodies other than Kela or pension providers, for example motor insurers. Survivors’ pensions support families financially.

If the deceased person was insured in Finland, a survivors’ pension can be paid to the surviving spouse and children even if they live abroad.

Spouse’s pension

Pension providers pay spouse’s pensions without any age limit. A spouse’s pension paid by pension providers is based on the earnings-related pension that your spouse earned during their lifetime as an employee or as a self-employed person, but it may be reduced by your own income. It is possible to receive spouse’s pensions from Kela and the earnings-related pension system at the same time.

Orphan’s pension

Pension providers pay orphan’s pensions to persons aged under 18. The pension is based on the earnings-related pension that the guardian earned during their lifetime. Kela pays orphan’s pensions, consisting of a basic amount and an additional amount, to persons aged under 18.

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