Bringing dogs and cats into Sweden

Indførsel af hunde og katte til Sverige
Read here about the regulations that apply if you want to travel with pets to Sweden.

If you are travelling with an animal, it is your responsibility to ensure that all conditions relating to bringing an animal into Sweden are met. You must find out what is required and be aware that vaccinations apply. You are also responsible for ensuring that the animal’s passport is valid, and that other necessary documentation is available.

Your vet can help you with information about supplementary vaccinations, protection against parasites, and tips on how you should handle your animal on the journey to another country

Regulations on travelling with pets to Sweden

The Swedish Board of Agriculture travel guide helps you find out what regulations apply for your particular pet when you want to bring it into Sweden.

Notify Swedish Customs that you are travelling with a pet

You must always notify Swedish Customs (Tullverket) when you are travelling to Sweden with your dog or cat. Your pet must meet Swedish Board of Agriculture requirements for entering or leaving the country with pets. This also applies if you are travelling with a Danish pet between Bornholm and Denmark via Sweden.

Central Dog Registry

In Sweden, all dog-owners who live permanently in the country must register themselves and the dog in the Central Dog Registry (Centrala hundregistret).

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