Businesses in Åland

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Here you can read about setting up a business, recruitment, and trading Åland.

In the European portal Your Europe you can read more about the rules on starting a business in another EU or EEA country. Enterprise Europe Network helps you with questions about European market.

Starting a business in Åland

If you want to start a business in Åland, you can get all the information you need from the Åland Chamber of Commerce (Ålands Näringsliv), which is Åland’s biggest business organisation. The Åland Chamber of Commerce handles issues relating to tax, employers and international trade, and runs the project, which has information about running your own business in Åland.

Ålandic businesses in the Nordic region

Ålandic businesses wanting to establish themselves in or conduct business in the Nordic countries can get help from the Åland Chamber of Commerce, which helps companies access the Nordic market.

Contact the authority

If you have questions or want to apply for authorisation to start or run a business in Åland, you should contact the Government of Åland.

Ask Info Norden

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