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Here you can read about your rights as a consumer, and about purchasing certain goods and services in Denmark.

The Sale of Goods Act

When you buy a product in Denmark, you have a number of rights:

  • You always have two years’ warranty. This means that you have the right to complain to the place of purchase concerning faults or defects in the product for two years.
  • You do not automatically have the right to cancel your purchase when you buy a product in a shop. You can only have the item exchanged, or get your money back, if the shop offers this.
  • If the item has a fault or defect, you have the right to have it repaired or exchanged for a new one. In some cases you can get your money back, or a discount on the price.
  • The shop may only attempt to repair or replace your item a few times – typically once or twice. After that, you are entitled to get your money back.

The relevant consumer rights are stated in the Danish Sale of Goods Act. A guide to to the law is available on the website of the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

    Consumer organisations

    If you want to know more about your rights as a consumer in Denmark, you can contact the the Danish Consumer Council. They can also guide you on your rights of complaint. If you have questions about cross-border trade in the EU and the EEA, you can contact European Consumer Centre Denmark.

    Mobile phones

    You must be registered with the National Register in Denmark if you want to set up a mobile phone account.

    If you wish to have a Danish mobile phone number without being registered with the National Register, you can avail of the pre-paid phone cards that can be purchased in kiosks and at petrol stations.

    Electricity, gas, water and heating

    You are not required to be registered with the National Register in Denmark in order to become a customer of, for example, HOFOR, which provides electricity, gas, water and heating in the capital area.

    Anyone who lives in Denmark can therefore receive electricity, gas, water and heating.

    Petrol cards

    Many oil companies issue special credit cards (petrol cards) that you can use when buying petrol, services and products at petrol stations.

    You must be registered with the National Register in Denmark to be able to obtain a Danish petrol card.

    However, with several multinational companies it is possible to use a card that has been issued abroad. If you want to know whether your card can be used in Denmark, contact the company that issued the card.

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