Checklist if you are moving to Finland

Suomeen muuttajan muistilista
Here you will find information on what steps you should take if you are moving to Finland and what you should do when you arrive in Finland. These steps will depend on whether your move is temporary or permanent, among other things.

Notification of move and population registration in Finland

Read more on the page Notifying a move and population registration in Finland.


Social security

Read about the rules applying to employees on the page Social security when you start working in Finland.


Students studying in Finland continue to get their student financial aid from their home country. Information on student health care can be found on the page If you fall ill while studying in Finland.

If students work while studying, they are usually entitled to social security in the country where they work if the minimum employment conditions of that country are met. The same requirement applies to researchers and recipients of grants who work alongside their research work and are paid for this work.

Posted workers

Workers posted to Finland from another Nordic country keep their right to social security in their home country. You can get more information from the social insurance institution in your home country.

Individuals staying in Finland temporarily

Individuals staying in Finland temporarily but not working are not entitled to Kela benefits. They can, however, get health care while staying in Finland.

Read more about entitlement to healthcare services in Finland.



If you work while staying in Finland, you get your tax card from the tax office of the municipality you move to. Students who do not work do not need a tax card.

To get a tax card you need your personal identity code. If your stay is temporary (e.g. for a summer job), you will get a temporary personal number, which you get when you apply for a tax card. 

Remember to declare your foreign earnings to the tax authorities in your home country. The tax authorities in your home country will advise you what to do about your tax return if you move. 

The Nordic tax portal also contains useful information on taxation in the different Nordic countries in the languages of all the five countries. The portal takes account of different removal situations and there is information specifically for students, employees and pensioners as well as those with assets in another Nordic country. In the Frequently asked questions section of the portal you can yourself put questions to experts at the tax administrations of the Nordic countries.

Unemployment funds

As a general rule one can say that employees always belong to an unemployment fund in their country where they work. Therefore you cannot continue to be a member of an unemployment fund in your home country if you have moved to Finland for work.

When you move, contact the unemployment fund in your sector in your new home country straight away.

You can find more information on the page Trade unions in Finland.

Transferring previous periods of insurance to another country

To make sure you are covered by unemployment security in your new home country and to prevent unnecessary double insurance, you can transfer your employment history to the new country. Insurance periods are transferred using form U1, obtainable from unemployment funds or the social insurance institution in your home country. You need to use the same form when you return to your home country after working abroad.

You can get more information from the labour and social insurance institution and from the unemployment fund in your home country. 

The right to combine periods of insurance and employment in different countries applies to both employees and self-employed persons.

Unemployed jobseekers

If you are an unemployed jobseeker and have become unemployed in an EU or EEA country, you can come to Finland to look for work for a maximum of three months while receiving unemployment allowances from your country of origin. For this, you need form U2 from your country of origin. While looking for work, you are covered by the social security of the country where you last worked. You cannot be covered by Finnish social security at the same time.

You can get more information from the labour and social insurance institution and from the unemployment fund in your home country.

Other points to note

For questions about removal goods you will take to your new country of residence, contact the Finnish customs authorities. There is freedom of movement for removal goods within the EU, and therefore these do not have to be declared to customs.

For more detailed information about importing and registering a car and customs duties, contact Finnish Customs. Driving licences issued in another Nordic country are valid in Finland.

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