Checklist for when you are planning to study in Sweden

Studerende ved European Humanities University (EHU)
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Ten things worth thinking about when you are planning to study in Sweden.
  1. Is the educational programme recognised in your home country? This applies in particular to health professionals and vocational education.
  2. Do you have insurance? Check with your insurance company what applies for you in your new situation.
  3. Are you covered by social insurance? Find out which country will provide you with social insurance while you are in Sweden.
  4. What happens if you become ill? Remember to bring your EU health insurance card.
  5. Do you need to report your move? You generally do not need to report a permanent move to Sweden. However, if you are to stay in Sweden for more than twelve months, you should report the move.
  6. Forwarding of post? Remember to get your post forwarded to your new address in Sweden.
  7. Will you be opening a bank account in Sweden? You can read more on the Hello Norden website about opening a bank account in Sweden.
  8. Do you know anything about accommodation in the town or city where you will be studying? Does your educational institution offer accommodation? Check with the educational institution about whether they have, for example, an information service or a system for welcoming new students.
  9. Do you have a valid student card (studentkort)? ISIC is an international student identity card that also gives many discounts all over the world.
  10. What about your PIN codes? Remember to bring your PIN codes to personal pages on the websites of relevant agencies in your home country.
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