Chronic illness sufferers in Finland

Kroonisesti sairastavat Suomessa
Here you will find information on what people suffering from chronic illnesses should take into account if they move to Finland. You will find information on health care in Finland and patient associations.

Medical treatment in Finland

Persons living in another Nordic country are entitled to medically necessary treatment whilst staying in Finland temporarily. Treatment is also provided if a long-term illness deteriorates. Health care professionals assess whether treatment is necessary taking into account the duration of the stay in Finland.

If your employment lasts less than four months and you are covered by unemployment or accident insurance for the period of your employment, you are entitled to Finnish health care services. If your employment lasts more than four months and you meet the employment condition, you are entitled to public health care services and to all benefits under the Finnish Health Insurance Act. You can check whether you are covered by Finnish health insurance from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

If you are staying in Finland temporarily, you can prove your right to get treatment by presenting an official identity card and giving your permanent home address in the other Nordic country. You can also prove your right to treatment by presenting a European Health Insurance Card. You can get the card from the authorities in your country of residence free of charge.

If you move to Finland as a pensioner, you can prove your right to medical treatment in Finland with form E121 or S1, which you can get from the country where you get your pension.​​​​​​​

Patient associations

You can find the contact details of Finnish patient associations on the websites of the Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health (SOSTE) and the Finnish Patients’ Association.

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