Cross-border workers and Åland

Here you can read about the rules that apply if you are a cross-border worker, meaning that you live in one country and work in another. A cross-border worker is a person who works or has worked in another EU/EEA country than the country he or she is resident in.

Unemployment insurance for cross-border workers

Cross-border workers

You are considered to be a cross-border worker if you work daily in one country but live in another and return home at least once a week. Cross-border workers are covered by unemployment insurance in the country they work in.

If you become full-time or partially unemployed for a certain period (laid off), you must register as a jobseeker in the country you work in. Then it is the unemployment fund in the country you work in that pays out unemployment benefit.

If you become wholly unemployed you must register as an unemployed jobseeker in the country you live in, and the unemployment fund or authority in the country you live in pays out unemployment benefit.

Non-genuine cross-border workers

Unlike an ordinary cross-border worker, you are a cross-border worker who returns home less frequently than once a week. As a cross-border worker of this type you must have unemployment insurance in the country you work in.

If you are a non-genuine cross-border worker and become wholly unemployed, you have the right to choose to register as an unemployed jobseeker in the country where you live or where you work. Unemployment allowance is paid out by the country where you registered.

You can get more information on allowances in EEA countries from the Employment and Economic Development Office in your home municipality and in Finnish on the website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Taxation of cross-border workers

Social security for cross-border workers

As a cross-border worker you are covered by the social security system in the country you work in, regardless of which member state you live in. Cross-border workers must register with Kela/FPA. Read more about this on Kela’s website and on the Nordisk eTax pages on social benefits from Finland/Åland or from another Nordic country.

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