Doing business in Finland

Söka jobb på Åland
If you are interested in starting a company in Finland, in this article you can read about how to set up a company, recruitment, sales and running a business.

On the Norden Business link site you will find information on how to set up and run a business in the Nordic countries and how to recruit employees. You will also find information on how to trade and export products to another Nordic country or recruit employees to work in another country in the Nordics.   On the Your Europe portal you can read more about the rules on setting up a company in another EU or EEA country. The Enterprise Europe Network is a network of experts to help you with your questions about European markets.

Setting up a company in Finland

You will find extensive information on how to set up a company in Finland on the service and on the Suomen Yrittäjät website.

Finnish companies in the Nordic countries

If you want to expand your business abroad, you should take a look at what Team Finland has to offer. The service brings together all the state-funded internationalisation services. If you need advice on going international, Business Finland’s advice services cover the various aspects of internationalisation, depending the customer’s needs and growth phase.   The North Calotte Cross-Border Advice Service provides services to companies that want to expand to Sweden or Norway.

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If you have any questions about setting up a business or doing business in Finland, start with the service.

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