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NemID is an electronic personal identification system that you can use to communicate with the public sector in Denmark, as well as in services such as online banking and online purchases.

NemID uses a single log-in for both public and private sector self-service solutions, and for your online bank.

What is NemID?

NemID consists of a user ID number, a password and a key card with single-use codes (cardboard card). When you log in, you first of all enter your user ID number and password, and then a code from your key card. You choose and memorise your user ID and password yourself. Your key card is a small cardboard card the size of a credit card. You can also get NemID as an app for your phone or buy a NemID key fob, which is an “electronic key card” in the form of a small device with a button and a display.

NemID to be replaced by Mit ID

During 2021 and 2022, Nem ID will gradually be replaced by Mit ID. You will receive a message in your eBoks when you need to do something. If you do not have a Danish passport, you must continue to use NemID for the time being.

What can I use NemID for?

You can use NemID to communicate with the public sector in Denmark, and for certain other services, such as access to online banking, online shopping and communicating with the authorities, e.g.:

  • Digital post from the public sector (e-boks.dk)
  • Filling in forms and the like (borger.dk)
  • Applications for study programmes (optagelse.dk)
  • Tax information (skat.dk)
  • Pension information (pensionsinfo.dk)
  • Health information (sundhed.dk)

Online shopping

When you are shopping online, you will often need your NemID, or a code you create yourself, to authorise your credit card payments. This is due to EU security requirements. Please note that you cannot use the NemID key card to authorise your card payments online. Instead, you can use the NemID key app.

How can I get NemID?

You can obtain NemID if:

  • You are aged 15 or older 
  • You have a Danish civil registration number (CPR number)
  • You meet the identification requirements (read more about this at nemid.dk).

You do not need to be a Danish citizen to get NemID. You can also obtain NemID if, for example, you have a Danish residence permit or you are studying in Denmark. If you are under 15, or do not have a Danish civil registration number, you can only get NemID for online banking if your bank provides this. You can see the ID requirements at nemid.dk.

If you meet the conditions, you can order NemID at borger.dk.If you are a Danish citizen living abroad, you can read about how to get NemID at nemid.dk.

Who should you contact if you have questions?

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NB! If you have questions regarding the processing of a specific case or application, or other personal matters, please contact the relevant authority directly.

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