Entitlement to health care services in Åland

Hälsovård och socialförsäkring på Åland
In this section you will find information about entitlement to health care services in Åland. And what to do if you fall ill while on holiday or during a temporary stay in Åland.

In the link Entitlement to health care services in Finland you can read about your right to Kela benefits if you live or work in Finland. The rules also apply to Åland.

Kela has a page that contains most of what you need to know about health insurance for seafarers.

Health care in Åland

Anyone who lives in Åland permanently is entitled to health care services. The health care services that are provided by the Province include services at health centres, specialist care (hospitals), health information, consultations for pregnant women and newborn children, school health care for school pupils, occupational health care for employees, student health care, dentistry, mental health services, rehabilitation and environmental health.

Persons who work in Åland are entitled to the Province’s health care services regardless of whether they live in Åland permanently or not. Students from all the Nordic countries are also entitled to the Province’s health care services in Åland. In these cases you can get a certificate from Kela/FPA of your right to health care benefits in Finland, and with this you can prove your right to health care benefits in the public health care system.

Moreover international agreements on social security and health care that Finland has concluded can give persons who come from countries outside the EU the right to use the services of the public health care system. More detailed information on these agreements can be found on Kela’s website:

Health centres in Åland

There are two health centres in Åland. If you fall ill you should first go to the health centre in Mariehamn or to the health centre in Godby. If you need hospital care a doctor at the health centre can write a referral to the hospital for you. For visits to health centres and hospitals a charge is generally made.

Information on social welfare services can be obtained from the municipalities in Åland.

Contact the authority

If you have questions about health care in Åland, you can contact Åland’s health care service

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