Folk high school courses in the Faroe Islands

Folkehøjskoler på Færøerne
Here you can read about the courses that are held at the Folk High School in the Faroe Islands.

Folkehøjskolen på Færøerne

The Folk High School in the Faroe Islands

In the Faroe Islands there is one folk high school, located in Torshavn. The Folk High School is mainly for adults, and the courses do not usually conclude with an examination. The duration of the courses varies from a few days to five months.  As a rule, you have to pay for a stay at the Folk High School.

The subjects offered by the Folk High School vary from year to year. The most popular one are the artistic courses, as well as those dealing with the humanities and social science.

Every year, a so-called Senior Course with highly varied content is arranged for elderly people. Stories, songs, lectures, excursions and so on are provided.   

The teaching language at the Folk High School is Faroese.


The application deadlines are stated on the school’s website, and vary for the different courses.  No aptitude test or admission test is usually required.


On longer courses, it is usually possible to stay at the Folk High School. There are double and single rooms, and a shared canteen.  Accommodation is usually included in the participant payment.

You can read more about the high school on its website (in Faroese/Danish). 

You can also write to or telephone the school:

Address: Háskúlavegur 14 · Tórshavn ·

Telephone +298 311 743 ·



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