Folk high schools in Finland

Kansanopistot Suomessa
Here you will find information on folk high schools in Finland, i.e. general education for adults.

Folk high schools are educational institutions for adults where studies do not generally lead to a qualification. Studying at folk high schools is generally fee-paying.

The selection of subjects at folk high schools varies each year. The most popular areas are language and art study lines as well as study lines in humanities and social subjects. At most folk high schools you can also study open university subjects.

You can study at folk high schools in Finnish or Swedish or to some extent also in English.

Most folk high schools are residential, i.e. if you want you can be accommodated in a college dormitory, eat in the college canteen and spend your spare time on the college campus. Accommodation is generally included in the tuition fees.


Application dates vary between study lines and colleges. Spring and summer are the most common times for applying to folk high schools, but you can apply to some colleges in the autumn too. For some study lines there may be an aptitude test or entrance exam.

More information on applying is available on the website of the particular folk high school.

Financing studies

Folk high school studies can generally be financed from student financial aid. Students from other Nordic countries usually get financial aid from their home country.

If you need help with paying study fees, in some cases you can get a reduction or exemption from study fees with a so-called study voucher. Study vouchers are financed by the Ministry of Education and are intended for example for immigrants, unemployed persons or persons with learning difficulties or low initial education.

Basic education, upper secondary school or vocational qualifications at folk high schools

At some folk high schools you can also complete basic education or upper secondary school studies or vocational education and training. In these study lines completing the entire syllabus leads to a qualification and confers eligibility for further studies. You can also improve individual grades.

Completing the entire syllabus in basic or upper secondary school or for a vocational qualification is free of charge. A charge may be made for completing individual courses, however. In vocational training, the costs of materials may be charged.

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