Health insurance during study visits to the Faroe Islands

Sygesikring under studieophold på Færøerne
As a Nordic citizen, you are always entitled to free consultations with the municipal doctor and free emergency treatment.

All persons, including students, who are registered with the national register in the Faroe Islands have the right to health services under the Health Insurance Act (for more information, see Heilsutrygd (in Faroese)).

At the same time, all persons aged 18 or over must pay DKK 170 plus 0.55% of their monthly taxable income in health insurance contributions (2015 figures). The payments are automatically deducted from your A-income (income taxed at source).    If you do not have A-income, you will be billed for the contributions by post.

Citizens of the Danish Commonwealth

If you come from Denmark or Greenland to the Faroe Islands and are registered here, you will have the same rights as Faroe Islanders in terms of health insurance.   No special rules apply in this area for students.

Non-commonwealth citizens

If you come from a Nordic country outside the Danish Commonwealth or from another country outside the Nordic region, you will not be entitled to public health insurance until six weeks after you have registered with the national register.

Temporary stays

If you are visiting the Faroe Islands for a period of less than 180 days as a student or tourist, or for another purpose, you are not obliged to be registered with the national register or to be fully taxable, and you are therefore not obliged to pay contributions to health insurance, or to receive benefits from the health insurance system.

However, if you are a Nordic citizen, you are entitled to free consultations with the municipal doctor and free emergency treatment, irrespective of whether you are registered in the national register.

If you have any questions regarding contributions to health insurance, contact the Faroese tax authority, TAKS.

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