Import of Dogs and Cats to Iceland

Innflutningur á hundum og köttum til Íslands
Rules on importing animals to Iceland are quite strict and it is important to start preparations in good time. Here you can find information on importing animals to Iceland.

A variety of certificates from veterinarians in the country of origin must be provided and application to import made on a special form.

The animal must have a micro-chip implant that meets certain standards and must undergo a health check, a series of vaccinations and other examinations.

Make sure to look into these requirements well in advance, as a certain period has to pass from the time of vaccination until the animal can come to Iceland. The same applies to samples taken for tests: it is advisable to have them taken 20-30 days before the scheduled transport, to make sure the results are available in time.

Note that only the application forms for a health certificate issued by the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (Matvælastofnun, MAST) are accepted.

A cage must be provided for transport that meets certain standards.

Keflavík Airport is the only approved location for import of pets. Upon arrival, the district veterinarian checks the animal and verifies that it shows no symptoms of a communicable disease, has an import license and a positive opinion from MAST, and that the originals of all required certificates accompany it.

Dogs and cats subsequently need to stay in quarantine for four weeks after arriving in Iceland. A special fee is charged for the quarantine period, plus other import control fees.

It should be borne in mind that the quarantine centres have pre-determined admission days, for one group of animals each month; animals cannot be sent to Iceland on other days. For this reason, spaces need to be reserved well in advance.

Further information on the process as a whole, a checklist and information on import costs can be found on the MAST website.

Travelling with pets

The same rules apply to bringing animals with you to the country as to importing them. It makes no difference whether their stay is to be brief or permanent. Pets have to undergo a quarantine period. Rules on importing pets, in addition to those in the text above, can be found on the MAST website. 

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