Information on the Corona pandemic in the Nordic region

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Here you can read the recommendations of the Nordic countries, and other official information, in connection with the corona virus in the Nordic countries.

The Nordic region has been affected by the corona virus (COVID-19). In several countries, this has meant large-scale and sudden measures, including travel restrictions, recommendations on personal distance, and a ban on gatherings of people. The Nordic countries are basing their policies in this area on information from the health authorities. It is important to note that there are certain differences in the recommendations of the various countries, so you should find out which of them apply in the country in which you are staying.

Due to the crisis, several Nordic countries have introduced special legislation in the areas of the labour market and business. If you are affected by this, you should contact the relevant authorities for further information.

Below you will find information on the current situation, recommendations, travel restrictions, etc., in the individual Nordic countries.

How are the Nordic labour markets being affected by the Covid-19 crisis?

If you would like information on how the labour markets in the Nordic countries are being affected by the Covid-19 crisis, a collection of links to information on unemployment in the various countries is available at

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