Job hunting abroad on Finnish unemployment allowance

Työnhaku ulkomailla
Here you will find information on the conditions under which you can take Finnish unemployment allowance with you if you go to another Nordic country to look for a job.

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Can I take Finnish unemployment allowance with me if I go abroad to look for a job?

Unemployed jobseekers can under certain conditions get Finnish unemployment allowance if they go to other EU or EEA countries to look for a job. Unemployed jobseekers can keep their right to unemployment allowance for a maximum of three months when applying for jobs within the EU.

The condition is that the jobseeker has been an unemployed jobseeker in Finland for four weeks before going abroad. A person who has received unemployment allowance for the maximum period cannot get it to search for a job abroad. Labour market subsidy is not paid while job hunting abroad.

Before leaving jobseekers must request a certificate of entitlement to unemployment security in Finland from a Kela office or unemployment fund (form U2). They must report to the local job centre in the country where they have gone to look for employment within one week of arriving in the country.

If a jobseeker has not found employment within three months, they must return to Finland or they will lose their right to Finnish unemployment allowance.

More detailed information is available from the Employment and Economic Development Office, the Social Security Institution of Finland and the Federation of Unemployment Funds.

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