Moving from Norway to another Nordic country

Flytte fra Norge til et annet nordisk land
What should you consider when you are planning to move from Norway to another Nordic country?

Registration in the Population Register

If you move to another Nordic country, it is the regulations in the country to which you are moving that determine whether you must register as an immigrant in that country. The move can only be notified in the country to which you are moving. If the notification of the move is approved in the country to which you are moving, you will automatically be registered as having emigrated from Norway.

Social insurance and social insurance rights

If you move to another country, your membership of the social insurance scheme generally stops, and you will no longer have rights according to the National Insurance Act (folketrygdloven). 

If you have earned social insurance rights in Norway and are moving to another EEA country or another Nordic country, you can often take these rights with you. In some cases, this means that you can combine these rights with the rights you earn in the country you are moving to. However, you should be aware that you cannot transfer earned rights to a benefit that does not exist in the country you are moving to.

In other cases, you may receive the benefits paid from Norway. In most cases, you must apply for these benefits from Norway before you move.

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, NAV, can answer questions about membership of the national insurance scheme and social insurance rights from Norway. 


If you are pregnant, you should look carefully into the regulations regarding parental benefit and parental leave before you move. Contact NAV for information about what applies in your situation, and to see if you can take earned parental benefit with you when you move abroad.

Severe illness

Contact your doctor if you suffer from severe illnesses, so you can be given prescriptions for essential medicines to see you through the first weeks in the new country. When you are registered in the Population Register in another Nordic country, you are eligible for health services and medical help in that country.

Tax when you move

Even if you move from Norway, you may still be regarded as having unlimited tax liability in Norway. This applies if you have been living in Norway and have a significant connection to the country.


You should check whether you need to apply for recognition or some other form of permission in the sector in which you want to work in the new country. This may involve authorisation for example. Remember that the jobseeking processes can take a long time, so apply in good time.

If you are a member of a trade union in Norway, it is a good idea to contact the central office before you move to another Nordic country. They can give you relevant information and tell you which trade union you should be a member of in the country to which you are moving.

You can generally take earned rights to unemployment benefits to another Nordic country. Contact NAV about this.

Personal economy

When you move from one country to another, you should make sure you can support yourself for the first weeks or months. You should be aware that you often have to pay a deposit for a rental property, and that it can sometimes take a long time to process applications for housing allowance or child allowance, for example.

If you receive payments and support from the state, you should contact NAV before you move.

Post and bank

Remember to get your post forwarded to the new country, or redirected to other members of your family. Notify the Norwegian Post Office (Posten) of your new address. Remember also to change your address at banks and other institutions that you are in contact with.

When you are moving from Norway, it is a good idea to contact your bank and close your accounts, change the address for your accounts, or pay off loans.

Give notice on your rental contract

If you have a rented flat, you must give notice on the rental contract in writing, complying with the period of notice, before you move. If not, you risk having to pay double rent.

Go through your insurances

When you move, it can be a good idea to look over your private insurances. If you own property, you must have it insured up to the date on which it is taken over by a new owner. You can get more information about this from your insurance company.


Check the customs regulations if you are taking animals, personal effects or other removal goods with you to the country to which you are moving. 

Contracts and subscriptions

Remember to terminate your contracts, such as electricity, telephone, broadband, and gym, and any subscriptions to newspapers and magazines.

Motor vehicle tax

If your vehicle is registered in Norway, it is your responsibility to pay the annual motor vehicle tax. The Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) is responsible for the annual motor vehicle tax in Norway.


You retain your Norwegian citizenship even if you move to another country and are no longer registered in the National Registry in Norway.

The right to vote

If you are a Norwegian citizen, over 18, or have at some time lived in Norway, you also have the right to vote in Norway even if you have moved from Norway. Voters who are living or staying temporarily abroad can vote in advance, either in Norway or at Norwegian diplomatic missions abroad.

As a Norwegian citizen, you can also vote in some county council, municipal and regional elections in the other Nordic countries.

Important documents

If you have children, you should take certificates and documents from the children’s school or other educational institutions, birth certificates and any baptism certificate, vaccination cards, etc. You should also take certificates from employers and similar, testimonials, degree certificates and marriage certificate to your new home country.

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