Recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Denmark

Anerkendelse af udenlandske uddannelser i Danmark
Here you will find information on how to get your educational qualifications recognised in Denmark

If you have a secondary education

The Nordic countries recognise each other's examinations qualifying for admission to higher education, i.e. in Denmark, examinations from upper secondary education. If you have a secondary education from another Nordic country, you have the right to be admitted to a Danish institution of higher education on the same terms as students with Danish qualifications.

The only exception is that Denmark and Norway have entered into an agreement to introduce quotas governing the number of Norwegian students that can study medicine and dentistry in Denmark, and vice versa.

If you have a third-level education

 The Ministry of Higher Education and Science can give you an assessment of what your foreign educational qualifications correspond to in Denmark.

Some professions require authorisation

Some professions are regulated by law in Denmark, which means that you must have an authorisation to practise.

Nordic recognition co-operation

You can read more about co-operation between the Nordic countries to recognise each other's educational programmes at the website of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.  

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