Rights in connection with adoption in the Faroe Islands

Rettigheder i forbindelse med adoption på Færøerne
Here you can read about some of the economic rights that parents have in connection with adoption.

Am I entitled to adoption support?

If you are adopting a child, then as parents, you have the possibility to receive adoption support of DKK 75,000 for expenses in connection with the adoption. The support is given once for each adopted child. An application for adoption support must be sent to Almannaverkið (Faroe Islands Social Services), who will decide whether the support may be granted. The support will be paid when the National Ombudsman in the Faroe Islands has sent a certificate stating that the child has entered the Faroe Islands.


What are the rules on parental leave for adoptive parents?

The rules for parental leave are largely the same for adoptive parents as for biological parents. However, adoptive parents are entitled to four weeks’ extra parental leave. This means that adoptive parents are generally entitled to a total of 42 weeks’ parental leave after the child has arrived. In addition, one of the parents may also be entitled to four weeks of parental leave before the child has arrived.

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