Social security when you start working in Finland

Sosiaaliturva, kun aloitat Suomessa työskentelyn
Here you will find information about when you are entitled to Finnish social security and benefits from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) if you come to work in Finland. You will also find information about situations in which you remain covered by the social security in your home country even though you are working in Finland.

Are you moving to Finland for work?

If you move to Finland to work, you are generally entitled to Finnish social security from the time you start working. However, you are only entitled to Kela benefits for those months where the minimum monthly employment requirement is met (696.60 €/month in 2019).

Entitlement to Kela social security coverage and benefits is determined when benefits are applied for.

Are you moving to Finland with your spouse or children?

If you move to Finland permanently for work and your spouse and/or under-age children move with you and they are not in work, your family members may be entitled to Kela benefits and social security coverage if their move is considered permanent.

If the parents of an under-age child work in different countries, the child is covered by the social security of the country where he/she lives.

Do you live in another Nordic country and work in Finland?

If you live in another Nordic country and you start working in Finland, your social security is subject to the same rules as for other persons starting work in Finland.

Do you work in Finland and another country at the same time?

If you work in more than one country at the same time, your social security coverage is generally that of your country of residence. 

Do you work in Finland temporarily as a posted worker for a foreign employer?

If your employer is in another Nordic country and posts you temporarily in Finland, you will generally remain covered by the social security of your home country. You can get more information from the social security authorities in your home country.

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