Student housing in Åland

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Here you can read about student housing in Åland as well as about housing supplement in Åland and the criteria for receiving it.

Most students in Åland live in various types of rented flats in Mariehamn. Demand for student housing is relatively high and new rental flats are being built all the time. Do remember, however, to apply as soon as you have been told that you have been accepted by a school.  If you want to live in student-adapted housing, the rent is less than for a student flat. Åland University of Applied Sciences has a good webpage with information and tips and direct links for finding student housing in Åland. Marstad also allows students (aged 18 or over) to apply for student housing in Mariehamn. Strandnäs Hotel also offers flats in Mariehamn for students. The student flats can be booked for varying periods of time. Contact Strandnäs Hotel for information.

Several alternatives for finding your student flat

If you are on Facebook I recommend joining the Facebook group "Bostäder på Åland" which is in Swedish. You can find a lot of posts here from individual landlords. And I recommend you do like so many others  and make your own enquiry there, especially if you are in a hurry to get a student flat.

The local newspapers in Åland also have housing sections. You can put in your own free ad under Looking to rent and you can find them here:

Student housing supplement

Housing supplement granted for student housing can be for either rented or owner-occupied accommodation.

Finnish students receiving Kela student financial aid get general housing allowance in Finland. Finnish students in Åland receiving Kela student financial aid must take student housing supplement from Kela. You cannot swap from Kela student financial aid to AMS Åland student financial aid.

Note: Åland students in Finland belong to the Åland student financial aid system and must apply for their benefits from AMS. They cannot get general housing allowance for their student flat in Finland; they must apply for housing supplement from AMS.

Contact the authority

If you have questions about student housing supplement in Åland, you can contact AMS in Åland

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