Study grants for Faroese students abroad

Studiestøtte til færøske studerende i udlandet
Here you can see a description of the study grant rights and requirements for students who study outside the Faroe Islands.

As Danish citizens, Faroese students are usually covered by the Danish state study grant system (SU) if they are studying in Denmark or other countries.  In cases where Faroese students are eligible for Danish SU or other study support schemes, they will not receive support from the Faroese scheme, Studni.

However, there are some special schemes for Faroese students abroad:

  • The ÚSUN scheme is for students who are studying outside the Nordic region.  ÚSUN can provide support for tuition fees and living expenses in cases where this is not available from Danish SU.
  • Travel support is a support scheme for one trip to the Faroe Islands per year for the student and his or her child.
  • Project support is provided in the form of travel support for a project that takes place in a country other than that in which the student is studying.
  • The linguistic preparation course is provided in advance of programmes of higher education in non-English speaking countries if the student plans to study in this country or language area.
  • In some cases, support is provided to students in the Nordic countries for living expenses, and in special cases for tuition fees.

Who can receive support?

Support for studies abroad is provided to full-time, study-active students who live up to the requirements to receive study support in the Faroe Islands, and who have lived in the Faroe Islands for at least:  

  • Two of the past three years before commencing studies, or
  • Half of the student’s life before commencing studies

How do I apply for a grant?

If you believe you may be eligible for support from one or more of the above-mentioned support schemes, you can get in touch with Studni, which is located in Torshavn:

Tel:   +298 20 40 60 Fax: +298 20 40 61 E-mail:


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