Taxation if you work in Finland but live in another Nordic country

Verotus kun asut Suomessa mutta työskentelet toisessa Pohjoismaassa
Here you will find information about taxation if you work in Finland but live in another Nordic country.

Do you live in Finland and work abroad for a foreign employer?

If you live in Finland but work in another Nordic country, you can find information on taxation on the Nordic tax portal Nordisk eTax. In international situations it is always advisable to contact the Finnish Tax Administration directly to get up-to-date information relevant to your individual situation

Do you live in Finland and work abroad for a Finnish employer?

If you work abroad temporarily as a posted worker for a Finnish employer, you generally only pay taxes in Finland. More information from the Finnish Tax Administration. Also read the article Posted workers.

Do you live in a border municipality in Finland and work on the other side of the border in Sweden or Norway?

If you live in a border municipality and work in a municipality bordering the same land border in another country, you pay taxes in your country of residence. Read more in the article Taxation of cross-border workers in Finland.

Foreign income in Finnish tax return

If you are resident taxpayer in Finland, you must declare income earned abroad in your Finnish tax return, even if it is not taxed again in Finland.


Where can I get more information on taxation in the Nordic countries?

If you have questions about taxation in the various Nordic countries or between the Nordic countries, you can ask your question  on the tax portal maintained by the tax authorities of the Nordic countries. The website also has a lot of useful information on taxes.

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